Curaçao Floating Market

The weather here in the Puget Sound has been dreary and wet to say the least.  Yes, the calendar says we’re in spring but it feels like winter…and my wife and I have been dreaming of summer or at least warm sunshine.  It has been pouring on and off all day with the temperature stopping at a cool 50F.  Nothing to be excited about.

My thoughts have been going to Curaçao:  The sunshine, warmth, humidity, breeze, colors, food and of course the people.  Lots of great memories from the island and much hope of returning in the near future.

Each day, Venezuelan merchants pack their boats with fresh vegetables, fruits and fish and head over to the nearby Curaçao to set up their floating market in Willemstad.  A super colorful place and the aromas excite the senses…unlike the supermarkets back home.  Here is one of the merchants rearranging during a less busy moment.

Floating market merchant | Willemstad, Curaçao
Floating market merchant | Willemstad, Curaçao

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